The Atlantic County Prosecutor's Office says the Cape May County man responsible for shooting and killing April Kauffman in 2012 died from a heroin overdose about one year after Kauffman’s death.

Atlantic County Prosecutor Damon G. Tyner says Lower Township Police officers found 46-year-old Francis Mullholland of Villas dead on the floor of his living room on October 8, 2013. Officers located a blue wax fold marked “PitBull” that tested positive for heroin and a syringe.

Francis Mulholland - Photo: Atlantic County Prosecutor's Office

In a press release, Tyner said,

Ferdinand Augello propositioned a number of individuals to murder April Kauffman. These individuals were all Pagans, former Pagans or associated with the Pagans. He was unsuccessful for almost a year and James Kauffman was getting restless when Ferdinand Augello found Francis Mullholland. It is believed that Francis Mullholland received a ride to the Kauffman residence in the early morning hours of May 10, 2012. The doors were left open and Francis Mullholland was given a gun. He went inside, shot April Kauffman twice, killing her, and then left. It is believed there was payment made to both Mullholland and Augello. Mullholland has stated that he received approximately $20,000 in cash for his role, though this number has been speculated at being higher, according to the prosecutor's office.

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