In the biggest development to date, we can now report first that a major multi-jurisdictional law enforcement effort is presently underway.

WPG Talk Radio 104.1's Harry Hurley has confirmed that Dr. James Kauffman will be criminally charged in direct connection regarding the murder of his wife, April Kauffman, who was murdered on May 10, 2012, in her Linwood home.

I have also confirmed that it will not be alleged that James Kauffman pulled the trigger. Further, I have confirmed that the "Trigger Man" died about a year-and-a-half ago. A relative of the alleged "Trigger Man" has/will be arrested today.

Additionally, the person who is alleged to have solicited the murder-for-hire will also be arrested today. I'm not revealing any other names at this time, however, I have learned that the person who law enforcement will charge today with soliciting the murder-for-hire is a graduate of Holy Spirit High School.

In all, two persons will be arrested for their alleged involvement in the murder of April Kauffman. Six additional people will be arrested for soliciting and racketeering charges.

Damon Tyner became Atlantic County Prosecutor on March 15, 2017. In an exclusive interview with me (at that time), he pledged to provide the appropriate assets to bring new life to this cold case.

I have also confirmed that the criminal plot to murder April Kauffman began in August, 2011.

I am not revealing any other names (other than James Kauffman) at this time, because several of the suspects may be outside of the state of New Jersey.

There will be a 4:00 p.m. press conference today regarding Dr. James Kauffman.

Upon becoming the Atlantic County Prosecutor, Tyner promised to take a fresh look at all unsolved murders since 1970.

For reasons still unknown, former Atlantic County Prosecutors Ted Housel and James McClain refused to apply available assets to investigate the murder of Kauffman.

There had not been one coherent update to the public or media, until Tyner became Prosecutor. Tyner previously requested a DNA sample of James Kauffman. The results of the DNA test have never been revealed to the public.

Law enforcement had determined that DNA coming from a predominantly male human being was present at the crime scene; on a blanket found in what law enforcement has labeled as "Bedroom B."

This led to a block-buster announcement from James Kauffman's attorney, Edwin Jacobs, who confirmed that Kauffman suffers from a condition that causes him to bleed.

The issue of financial gain has previously been raised by law enforcement. There are two life insurance policies, totaling $600,000. April Kauffman's daughter, Kimberly Pack has filed litigation to prevent James Kauffman from collecting the proceeds.

This past June 13, 2017, with great precision, a multi-jurisdictional law-enforcement raid at the Egg Harbor Township office and multiple homes owned by James Kauffman took place.

During the raid, Kauffman brandished a 9 mm Ruger handgun and then turned the gun on himself. Following a 45-minute stand-ff, a hostage negotiator was successful in having Kauffman surrender to law enforcement authorities.

Kauffman was initially taken in to the custody of the Psychiatric Intervention Program and then placed under arrest. He has been in jail ever since.

Before today's new charges, Kauffman was already facing a number of serious criminal charges including: Unlawful possession of a weapon; possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose and obstruction of the administration of law.

The state of New Jersey temporarily suspended Kauffman's medical license in June, 2017. New Jersey Attorney General Christopher Porrino has previously confirmed that the state Board of Medical Examiners took the action after Kauffman was charged with the various weapon and obstruction charges.

Kauffman was ordered by Atlantic County Superior Court Judge Bernard DeLury to be detained in the Atlantic County Jail pending trial.

I have interviewed on-air and spoken many other times with Kimberly Pack over the years about her Mother's murder. Even during the darkest times, in the more than five years that have transpired, she has never lost faith that those responsible for her Mother's murder would be caught and brought to justice.

Tyner's appointment by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie as Atlantic County Prosecutor has been the most integral development and turning point in solving the April Kauffman murder. Governor Christie crossed political party lines in appointing Tyner and took much unjust criticism at the time for doing so.

I have maintained from the moment that I broke the Tyner appointment story that his appointment was a brilliant move by Governor Christie.

Incredulously, before Tyner, dedicated career law enforcement officials in Atlantic County were prevented from spending time on this widely publicized, high profile murder.

I will be filing additional updates as warranted.


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