New Jersey Superior Court Judge Bernie DeLury will announce his decision regarding whether a DNA sample from Dr. James Kauffman will be ordered on Tuesday, May 30th.

Defense attorney Ed Jacobs vigorously opposed this at this morning's hearing, meticulously laying out 6 different justifications against compelling a DNA sample from his client.

It is clear, that with Damon Tyner becoming the Atlantic County Prosecutor, the murder of April Christine Kauffman is no longer a cold case.

Tyner has requested the DNA sample.

Some significant details were revealed for the first time at today's hearing:

The Atlantic County Prosecutor revealed for the first time publicly that a mixed profile DNA evidence, consisting of April Kauffman and predominantly the DNA of a male human being was present.

The sample was recovered in a bedroom that is being referred to as "Bedroom B."

In a blockbuster, as a part of Jacobs' objection this morning, he stated for the record that James Kauffman suffers from a condition that causes him to bleed.

After the hearing, through a question posed by Don P. Hurley, for WPG's Harry Hurley, to see Jacobs, Jacobs stated that the prosector's investigation is off the tracks and his reluctance to the DNA sample is so that they get the investigation back on track.

Jacobs said at the hearing that the prosector's office has been on a wild goose chase for five years.

Jacobs strenuously objected with his 6 point defense and Jacobs also revealed that he has provided 7 investigatory leads over the past 5 years to the prosecutor's office. Jacobs said everyone knows in homicide 101 that you look at the significant others. But, to not look at others for 5 years after they have provided 7 investigatory leads which have been forwarded to the prosector's office.

Jacobs is one of the very finest at what he does. And, Seth Levy did a very good job today representing the Atlantic County Prosecutor.

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