Has Sen. Bob Menendez found yet another solution in search of a problem?

We all remember his crazy crusade to have the Consumer Product Safety Commission regulate beach umbrellas. Yes, a runaway umbrella on a windy day can be bad; we had a woman in NJ impaled and killed by one. But it’s so rare as to be a ridiculous effort.

Now New Jersey’s senior senator is worrying about dogs in open door helicopters.

NJ.com reports Menendez along with Sen. Schumer held a press conference near where an infamous helicopter crash killed 5 people last year. Some chopper flights go no doors to allow people who want great photographs unencumbered views. Some of these apparently allow pets, all harnessed in of course, on these flights as well.

“The idea that passengers and their pets are being strapped in and dangled out of open doors hundreds of feet above ground without strong safeguards in place is astonishing, downright cruel for the animals, and a tragedy waiting to happen,” Menendez said.

There were animal rights groups also joining in the press conference. Menendez feels it’s a tragedy waiting to happen.

Again, can something go wrong in a helicopter? Yes. Even with doors. Do we need the government playing mommy and daddy and telling paying customers and consenting adults that it’s too dangerous for them? I say it’s their choice if they want to fly that way. As far as the dogs who couldn’t consent? Look, people do other risky things with dogs. Take them on jet skis, on motorcycles, etc. Do we need a law for everything?

Menendez thinks so.

Yet until government spending is under control, the problems with illegal immigration are solved and obscene medical costs are fixed I think we have bigger things to worry about.

But hey what do I know? What if one of these doorless helicopters goes up on a windy day at the same time a beach umbrella comes flying into the cockpit? (Insert eye roll here)

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