A quick-thinking, quick-acting officer in Millville saved a walking piece of poultry from a future of being, well, part of a 10-piece poultry meal.

Millville Police say one of their own, Officer Morales, saved a living, breathing chicken who was apparently trying to figure out exactly why he would cross a road.

It all went down Wednesday on North 2nd Street in the vicinity of the KFC and not too far away from the Chick-fil-A.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Police report the chicken, who they have smartly named "Ruffles," may have been getting some sort of adult liquid refreshment from Joe Canal's Liquor Store when she wandered near the street and some pretty speedy traffic.

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Luckily for Ruffles, Officer Morales was able to - with one fowl swoop  - grab her and take her to safety.

Police assume that Ruflles has a forever home, but they were unable to coax the address out of the wayward bird.

She was taken to the South Jersey Regional Animal Shelter where she awaits being claimed by whoever runs her henhouse.

Oh, here's her mug shot:

If you think she's your chicken, you should probably contact the Millville Police Department or the South Jersey Regional Animal Shelter sometime today. If not, maybe tomorrow or the next day at the KFC or Chick-Fil-A.

We promise to keep you abreast of any changes in Ruffle's status.

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