During the 10:00 a.m. hour on Friday, March 1, 2024, a multi-alarm fire that is affecting two buildings has been battled by the following Fire Departments at 233 Liverpool Avenue, Egg Harbor City, New Jersey.

  • Pomona.
  • Germania.
  • South Egg Harbor.
  • Atlantic City International Airport Fire Department.
  • May's Landing.
  • Egg Harbor City.

Hammonton and Port Republic Fire Departments also assisted in covering the area fire houses during the fire not.

Our source on the scene is Atlantic City resident Ron Bailey, who told us:

I arrived on the fire scene in Egg Harbor City a short time after the fire call had been dispatched, when I got to the scene I observed multiple Volunteer Fire companies from the surrounding area working diligently to ensure that a fire that had already consumed two building didn't get worse, the team work shown by these agencies is a shining example as to why we need to support our local volunteer fire companies especially since their dedication to this profession is volunteer without their sacrifice this could have been a bigger tragedy and many more properties may have been damaged if it wasn't for the fast work, said Bailey.

This is the latest example of the phenomenal collegiality that is regularly exercised by both paid and volunteer fire departments around the state of New Jersey.

Below, are photos taken by Ron Bailey.


Bailey also confirmed that firefighters rescued a dog during the process of extinguishing two structure fires.

Once, again … fast work by professional firefighters has limited, what could have been a much worse situation.

SOURCE: Ron Bailey.

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