The weather is bad.

Business is great.

Face masks are largely gone, too.

We’re alive, again.

Make mistake no about it, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy purposely telegraphed a full week in advance that New Jersey is open for business, again.

People throughout the Delaware Valley and beyond we’re listening.

There is no doubt that this has led to a very brisk start to the extended Memorial Day Weekend.

Here is how one Atlantic City Hotel Casino President described it to me just a few hours ago. “Horrible weather. Casino packed!!”

Atlantic City has been waiting for this. The entire state of New Jersey has been, too.

More great news is coming this Friday, June 4, 2021, as Governor Murphy removes  attendance minimums from New Jersey show rooms and stadiums.

MEET AC is also back in business. They never stopped working hard, but, now they can sell Atlantic City once again in an unbridled fashion.

This is a big time game changer.

Obviously, the rain, cold and wind is a downer for outdoor activities this holiday weekend.

The sun will shine again soon. However, even with the poor weather, vacationers are here.

We’ve been talking about this all during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This has all of the makings of this era’s “Roaring Twenties.”

There are so many reasons to be optimistic about our present and future.

Let’s stick together and make this a memorable Summer, 2021.

You’ve earned it.

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