What starts as an amusing video of a tire just bobbing along the highway quickly takes a frightening turn.

Video shows what happened Wednesday evening when a truck tire somehow got loose and rolled down Routes 287/440.

The tire rolls across two lanes toward the concrete median of the interstate. The tire gets elevated onto the median, where it bounces four times before falling onto the other side of the highway. The jumbo tire quickly sideswipes a woman's SUV and slams head-on into her husband's Jeep, setting off the airbags.

The driver of the Jeep, a Piscataway police officer, was not injured but his vehicle got some heavy damage, his brother said.

The video of the incident was posted on Instagram by an account that alluded to "Final Destination," the horror movie franchise about seemingly predestined and unavoidable deaths. Luckily, there was no tragedy here.

State Police are looking for more witnesses.

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