We are very fortunate to have so many fabulous sub shops in the Atlantic City, New Jersey area.

You see and hear a lot of discussion about the best cheesesteak sub and the best regular sub.

What you don’t hear about often is … who has the best meatball or meatball parmesan sub?

In my view, there is one meatball and meatball parm sub that stands out above all of the rest.

Pete’s Subs & Deli in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey.

Many, most of the key Pete’s Subs staff received their training from the legendary White House Sub Shop in Atlantic City.

So, without a doubt … you know that they have honed their craft and they do it the right way!

FYI, you can’t order a meatball or meatball parm sub at Pete’s until 11:00 am., because (yes) the meatballs are made fresh every morning.

The size of the meatballs are huge. However, size alone is not the key.

The texture and taste is perfect every time and the sauce just bursts with flavor.

Many of us, when we order a half sub… Like our half sub cut in half. At Pete’s Subs, they recommend not cutting your meatball sub in half.

This is because your sub is so packed with meatballs and sauce.

If you wait until too late in the day to order, they may run out of meatballs.

I have had many of the different Pete’s Subs … cheesesteaks, Ham & provolone cheese, chicken cheesesteak. They’re all great. They don’t skimp on the ingredients.

Also, their French Fries are also great. They are crunchy, not soggy and have great flavor.

Bon appétit.

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