Most videos that go viral usually are negative, but this time the video will make you smile.

Recently, a Shake Shack opened in New Jersey and the state went wild. Marcus Jeffers of Vineland went viral when he approached the counter at the Marlton Shake Shack demanding to know who made the burger he was eating.

What happened next will put a smile on your face.

Jeffers walked to the counter yelling at the workers asking who made the burger. Everyone seemed to get quiet and he repeated his question a few times until a worker told him that Jason, another employee, had made the burger.

The mood changed quickly when Jeffers yelled, "Jason, you killin' it man!"

The compliment was met with cheers from employees and restaurant patrons.

The video has since gone viral and Jeffers has made new's headlines to commend his compliment. Shake Shack has responded to the video via Twitter:

Fox 29's Good Day Philadelphia had Jeffers on the program yesterday morning and this is what he had to say about the whole experience:

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