By all accounts, this two-time NCAA men’s basketball  National Championship head coach is one of the really good guys in his sport.

Jay Wright shocked the NCAA coaching ranks, Villanova University faithful and community at large when he announced his surprise resignation as the men’s head basketball coach at Villanova University on April 20, 2022.

Wright coached Villanova for 21 seasons, before retiring at the age of 60.

On April 20, 2022, Villanova University wrote on their official Facebook Page:

After 21 seasons as the leader of Villanova Men's Basketball, Coach Wright announces his retirement.

Thank you, Coach, for everything you have done for our University, community & the game of basketball.

We are thrilled that you will continue to be a part of the VU community.

Wright led Villanova to 2 national championships and 4 Final Four NCAA Tournament appearances during his coaching career.

Villanova University photo via Facebook.
Villanova University photo via Facebook.

The Varsity Inn, located in Ocean City, New Jersey had a very personal visit by Jay Wright this past Saturday, July 22, 2023.

Living up to his “Good Guy” image, Wright not only paid a personal visit to The Varsity Inn, he hung a Villanova banner at the restaurant.

On their Facebook page, The Varsity Inn described it like this:

“Jay Wright gave us a wonderful surprise this morning by stopping in to personally hang the Villanova pennant in our small family owned diner in Ocean City NJ.”

“We've hung hundreds of college banners on our walls but this was truly a special experience for our customers and staff. Jay was kind, patient and generous of his time... a true gentleman. It's easy to see why champions follow his lead.”

“Thank you Jay. We hope to serve you breakfast again real soon.”

Brief The Varsity Inn Biography:

“In 1969, the Symonds Family purchased the property and the Varsity Inn Restaurant celebrated its first summer in 1970. Over the next 53 years of Symonds' family ownership, many local traditions were celebrated including Aunt Helen's namesake omelette, and service windows that allow all guests to experience the beach breezes from the comfort of our dining room.”

Keith and Dawn Symonds owned the Varsity Inn until Keith's retirement in February, 2023.

Chris, Marsha, Chris and Kyla McCarthy now carry the torch as the current owners. They are committed to continue the traditions of The Varsity Inn.

There was never a doubt that Jay Wright is a really good man.

SOURCES: Villanova University & The Varsity Inn.

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