A nationwide survey of 11,500 consumers has given huge honors to Wawa -- and, given the results, we're apparently missing out on a lot of other good food here in South Jersey.

Market Force Information’s annual study of America’s favorite quick-service restaurants has named Wawa as the best sandwich chain in the nation, handily beating places that are known for making sandwiches, like Subway, Jersey Mike's, Arby's, and Panera Bread. Wawa's rise to the top is the first time a convenience store chain has been voted the best sandwich shop in the nation.

As for what we're missing out on are lots of other chain restaurants in categories that this survey covered.

For the best burger in the nation, In-N-Out scored highest (the nearest one is a 23+ hour drive from Atlantic City), Culver’s (plan a trip to North Carolina or Michigan), and Smashburger (there's one in Glassboro).

If Mexican is more on your mind, Chipotle took top honors, followed by Qdoba, and Moe's Southwest Grill. If you're wondering, Taco Bell ranked last.

Now a touchy local topic: pizza. Let's just say that nothing compares to pizza on any Jersey Shore boardwalk or any pizza place in the Garden State. You want pizza? You come here. With that bit of attitude out of the way (which isn't really a fair comparison since this is a survey of national chains, not local places), this survey found the best pizza chain in America is based in.......... Iowa.


When I think pizza, I think............. Iowa.

Anyway, Pizza Ranch -- based in Iowa -- is tops, followed by Papa Murphy’s (there's one way out in Maryland) and Marco’s Pizza (again, these are regional or national chains). The biggies like Domino's and Pizza Hut all ranked in the #4 to #7 range.

What about chicken? Top honors for Chick-fil-A. Last place? KFC.

But like how I talked about pizza above, with all of the great local restaurants here in New Jersey, are we really missing out on the best pizza place? Or the best burger? Do you prefer eating at a national chain or do you go out of your way to find a great locally owned restaurant? Let us know in the comments below.


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