This is a debate we find ourselves in every summer -- which is worse, the green head fly or the mosquito?

Both are summer residents here at the Jersey Shore. If you have lived here for any time, then you know that these are two HUGE pests!

Both are very annoying.

The mosquito caries with it more chance of disease, but the green head has a worse bite and will draw blood. I guess the mosquito also draws blood but holds onto it.

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If I had to pick I would say the green head is worse. It has a painful bite and I think they are way more aggressive. Where I live by the water (bay side) in Southern Ocean County, the green heads will swarm you and attack. At some points of the day you can’t even go out on the water without being eaten up. As I mentioned before the green head has a bite! You know when they get you. The are also smart, you can smack them and they lay on ground seem dead 'til you go away and then fly away. Best bet is if you smash one, finish him off with a good stomp.

As for the mosquito, they can be worse at certain points of the day too. Sunrise and sundown seem to be their party time, so have your bug repellent on and avoid those times if you can. The mosquito bite leaves you itching more then anything else, but gotta be careful because they can spread germs. Make sure you clean a bite and keep it from infection.

There are many ways to treat your yard for both green heads and mosquitoes, go with what works best for you and try to avoid the swarm! Vote below for which you think is worse here at the Jersey Shore…..the mosquito or the green head ?

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