With inflation still at runaway levels, it’s nice to know that there are certain foods that can last indefinitely in your food pantry.

Thanks to the folks at InterestingFacts.com, we’re going to share 6 different food items that either never expire, or, have an incredibly long shelf-life.


Salt is a mineral, which is the reason why it has such a stable shelf-life.

Sources say that it can stay in your food pantry indefinitely.

Salt has been used for at least thousands of years to preserve foods … especially meats, because it thwarts bacteria development.

It keeps germs from growing and removes water, while serving as a dehydrator.

If salt has preservatives, (iodine or other anti-caking agents), it is recommended that it should be used within 5 years.

Plain salt can last forever, but, should be stored in a cool, dry location.


Honey is used for cooking, to help those with certain seasonal allergies … even wound care.

Honey almost never expires due to the density of its sugar content and the fact that it consists of less than 20 percent water.

Additionally, it has a PH level that is resistant to bacteria and this prevents pathogens from growing.

To last for an extended period of time, honey must be stored in a sealed container that is free from humidity.

The USDA recommends to use honey within one year to enjoy it at its overall best.


It is recommended to use sugar within two years once it’s opened.

However, granulated sugars are resistant to bacteria. So much so that it is used to preserve jelly, jam and canned fruits.

To stay ready for indefinite use, it must be stored away from moisture.

When kept dry, it is reported to be able to last forever.


First, did you know that white rice starts out as brown rice? It is milled to remove remove the exterior husk, bran, and germ.

Like with the other foods, white rice must be kept dry and away from moisture.

If white rice is kept under 40°F it can last for 25 to 30 years.

If it is stored at higher temperatures, it can still last up to 10 years.

Not all rice can last on this long-term basis. Opened white rice should be used within two years.

Important, regarding brown rice, it is recommended that would be used within six months… As oils contained, will go rancid after that.


This is how InterestingFacts.com explains it:

“Vinegar doesn't expire. Vinegar is a fermented product, created when yeast consume sugars or starches to create alcohol; that byproduct is then exposed to oxygen and a bacteria called Acetobacter, which continues fermenting to create the final acidic product. That acidity actually. makes vinegar self-preserving, which is why it generally doesn't need to be refrigerated.”

This acidity makes vinegar self-preserving. Even if it develops a sediment, it doesn’t go bad. This is a healthy bacteria that has other uses.

Vinegar generally doesn't need to be refrigerated.


Pure vanilla extract does not spoil. This is because of the high alcohol content.

it us said that over time, pure vanilla extract actually develops an even better flavoring.

Imitation vanilla extract only last 6 to 12 months, before it loses its flavor and goes bad.

SOURCE: InterestingFacts.com




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