This fenced-in display is located in Disney World in The Hall of Presidents.

I absolutely love it.

You may or may not have seen it. But, did you know that it took an official act of The United States Congress to approve it to be displayed at The Walt Disney World?

The great visionary Walt Disney created The Hall of Presidents attraction saying:

In 1971 his (Disney’s) love for America inspired the creation of the Hall of Presidents: a place to celebrate the optimism and goodwill he saw at the heart of the American story. Walt's vision was to honor the nation by honoring the American presidency.

The great seal of The United States is rarely displayed outside of official Presidential use.

It’s hard to verify, but, there are many reports that the Disney World Hall of Presidents is the only place outside of official United States Presidency that the great seal is currently displayed.

The Disney “seal” is not the Presidential one. The inscription around the seal in Disney World reads, "the Great Seal of the United States."

it’s similar in design, but, not exactly the same as the ”Seal of the President of the United States.”

Every time I see it, you can feel a great sense of American pride.

SOURCE: Disney World - The Hall of Presidents.

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