Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie thought it was a good idea to run for the Republican Nomination for President of The United States by telling nearly 75,000,000 American (Donald Trump) voters that they were wrong.

That’s a losing strategy by any standard of measure.

On the early evening of Wednesday, January 10, 2024, Christie left the 2024 campaign for President before the first vote of the Primary Election was even cast.

Christie was a fake candidate, without a constituency. His purpose was to trash President Donald Trump on a daily basis.

Christie bloviated throughout his embarrassing campaign, declaring that he was the only candidate willing to tell the truth.

Yet, he never told us the truth at all. The one and only “truth” about the Chris Christie candidacy was that it had a singular purpose … to be as hyper negative toward President Donald Trump as possible.

Christie was working overtime to try and help Joe Biden win a second term.

This earned Christie the adulation of the Democrat media, who gleefully used him as their useful idiot … just as they do with other bad Republicans like Jeb Bush, John Kasich, Jeff Flake, Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger.

Christie did ultimately tell the truth yesterday … but, he didn’t intend for us to ever find out about. Christie was captured on an open, “hot” microphone, where Christie said the following about Nikki Haley:

We know we're right, but they don't want to hear it. And you know, we couldn't have been any clearer. We couldn't have been any more direct or worked any harder. I mean look, she spent $68 million so far just on TV... $59 million by DeSantis. And we spent 12. I mean, who's punching above their weight and who's getting a return on their investment? You know, and she's going to get smoked. And you and I both know it. She's not up to this. You know I talked to -- DeSantis called me petrified, said Christie.

Why didn’t the so-called, self-proclaimed, truth-teller Chris Christie say all of this in front of the camera for all to see and hear?

Don’t listen to what Chris Christie says, rather, watch what he does.

Christie’s next stop will be to partner with the Democrat media and the other rabid Trump deranged Republicans.

Christie regularly calls Trump a loser. Trump has actually won The American Presidency, which only 44 other people have done over the past 234 years.

Christie has run twice for President and has never gotten out of New Hampshire.

Christie’s 2024 campaign for President of The United States was one of the worst in American history.

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