For those living in and around New Jersey and Pennsylvania, Wawa is a staple of life, but the shocking results of a new consumer survey will put the love for that convenience store chain in a whole new context.

The writers at Forbes magazine recently released their "Halo 100" list, which, "highlights excellence in delivering the experience that customers want to have." It measures how well and how responsibly brands are serving their customers.

Forbes' rankings included companies of all shapes and sizes, from regional chains to huge, global brands.

And this wasn't a small survey. The rankings of these companies came from feedback from well over 100,000 consumers on more than 2.8 million interactions with different brands over the past year.

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On this international platform, Wawa ranked a very impressive 12th.

Who did they beat?

To put that in perspective, here are some companies they beat:

  • 13. Sony
  • 16. Target
  • 22. Disney
  • 28. Southwest Airlines
  • 51. Tesla

Yes, Wawa with their hoagies, coffee, and gas ranked much higher than Disney and Southwest Airlines. Pretty impressive, especially given their reputation for customer service.

Here are the top five

  1. Costco
  2. In-N-Out Burger (a California-based fast food chain)
  3. Chick-fil-A
  4. Publix (supermarket chain in the Southeast)
  5. Trader Joe's

So how did it all begin for Wawa? Let's take a look.

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