We hear all of the time about so-called election interference.

In Atlantic County, New Jersey, there is presently one of the most blatant attempts at election interference in the state’s history.

A prominent victim of this brazen scheme is New Jersey Senator Vince Polistina, R-NJ-2, who is facing a daily barrage of hyper-negative, market saturation level television and print collateral attacks.

A shadowy, shady Super Political Action Committee has formed and it is heavily funding a man who has declared that he has dropped out of the race and that he supports Senator Polistina.

This has not stopped the phony campaign from being waged on his behalf.

The alleged group’s name is Jersey Freedom, based out of Jamaica, New York.

I interviewed former libertarian candidate Shawn Peck, who made it clear that he has left the race for New Jersey State Senator in Atlantic County’s District 2.

However, based on the timing of Peck’s departure from the campaign … he still appears on the bslllt in Column C.

Polistina is in Column A and the Democrat challenger, Caren Fitzpatrick is in Column B.

Fitzpatrick  has not denounced this election interference.

New Jersey Attorney General Matthew J. Platkin should assign the required assets to locate those responsible for it and review if criminal conduct has occurred.

Polistina is being victimized on a daily basis. The goal is obvious. Take away votes from Polistina so that the Democrat challenger has a chance to win … as the two conservative candidates divide the vote.

The Jamaica, New York Super Political Action Committee regularly savages Polistina and praises Peck:

Harry Hurley photo.
Harry Hurley photo.

Platkin should immediately open up an investigation to determine exactly who is involved in this election interference scheme.

Peck will have more campaign dollars spent on him than many of the other candidates running at the state level … and, remember, Peck dropped out of the race and has formally endorsed Polistina for re-election.

You wouldn’t know that by the expensive campaign being waged on Peck, despite his wishes against it.

I urge General Platkin to take this matter up. This should never be allowed to occur ever again.

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