United States Congressman Jeff Van Drew, R-NJ-2 offered his assessment about the 3 busloads of illegal immigrants that were dropped off in front of the Naval Observatory, the residence of the Vice President of The United States on Christmas Eve.

The legacy media has been very busy condemning Texas Governor Greg Abbott for sending immigrants in the cold Christmas Eve weather.

However, there has not been any criticism about why Vice President Kamala Harris did not invite them into the warmth of her taxpayer paid expansive and opulent residence.

It’s a very fair question.

Van Drew believes that pro sanctuary city figures like Harris and others should experience just a tiny taste of what the border states have been dealing with over the past two years because of the Biden - Harris blatant open border policies.

Van Drew appeared on Newsmax Television yesterday and said:

"She (Harris) has a very big residence and plenty of room that could have fed them, kept them warm, given them blow-up beds that they could have slept on,” said Van Drew. “She should have invited them in and they should have started a nice soup and kitchen food line in her residence there ... she could have taken care of them for a while and actually given them a wonderful Christmas,” said Van Drew.

Instead, Harris took no action, despite the below freezing temperatures at the time of their arrival. A group called the Migrant Solidarity Mutual Aid Network, helped to relocate the immigrants to a church.

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"We don't have the finances in our country right now and we don't have the ability to take care of all these people," he said. "Immigration is a wonderful thing. It's all how we came here, but what they're doing by breaking the law,” said Van Drew.

"It just sets a bad example and makes our country more dangerous and hurts our country, and I can't believe any good legislator, any congressman, any senator, any president would be for this. It's really truly shameful,” said Van Drew.

The President Donald Trump era Title 42 policy could be ended as early as today.

All intellectually honest brokers agree, that if the title 42 policy is lifted, the supreme illegal immigration crisis that already exists at the border will exponentially accelerate.

SOURCES: United States Congressman Jeff Van Drew, Newsmax Television and John Bachman.

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