Rumored presidential bids for New Jersey U.S. Senator Cory Booker and Gov. Phil Murphy are over before they even started.

When President Joe Biden announced he would seek a second term, Murphy and Booker quickly endorsed Biden.

While neither had ever said they would run, Murphy had been raising his national profile recently, and Booker ran against Biden in 2020.

Changes in Murphy's travel schedule (as well as changes in his hairstyle and the way he smiled) added to speculation he was positioning himself for a possible presidential bid.

When asked about his aspirations, Murphy always made it clear he would support Biden "1,000%," but he never closed the door on the possibility of running if Biden chose not to.

As for Booker, he also signaled strong support for Biden but was always considered a possible candidate given his unsuccessful run in the last Democratic Presidential Primary Election. He visited the early primary state of New Hampshire last fall, increasing speculation he was contemplating another shot at the White House.

The future paths for New Jersey's highest ranking Democrats look much different now.

Much younger than Murphy, the 53-year-old Booker can better afford to bide his time until 2028.

At 65, Murphy himself has said that is a factor in a potential 2028 run. When asked about it, he joked to, "You know how old I'm gonna be?"

More likely for Murphy would be a cabinet position if Biden wins a second term. He has a strong relationship with the president, and has been rumored as a possible choice as Treasury Secretary.

In politics, 2024 is a lifetime away, not to mention 2028. Anything can, and usually does, happen between now and then.

However, while Murphy's future as a political candidate could be winding down, many still believe Booker has a bright future in the Democratic Party if he chooses to pursue another office.

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