Rumors spread for weeks about the demise of the 2024 Atlantic City, New Jersey Airshow.
It sure looked like the story that would be ultimately be written would be that the iconic Atlantic City Airshow was going to be cancelled for 2024 and 2025.

However, that’s why yesterday we reported that the media reports stating that this year and next year’s Atlantic City Airshow were likely cancelled were premature.

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I stayed in regular contact throughout this challenging time with Michael Chait, President of the Greater Atlantic City Chamber of Commerce.

Chait never lost faith that a save of this year’s event was still possible.

The ultimate credit goes to New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy for actually saving this year’s Atlantic City Airshow … set for August 13-14, 2024.

Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small also deserves credit, as I have confirmed that he successfully lobbied Governor Murphy to help save this year’s Airshow.

Governor Murphy led the way and the South Jersey Transportation Authority is providing $ 300,000 in funding and this year’s Atlantic City Airshow will go on as scheduled.

The Atlantic City Airshow is one of the most successful mid-week airshows in American history.

WPG is the official broadcasting partner to the Atlantic City Airshow.

I couldn’t be more pleased that this year’s Airshow has been saved.

This is a great example of collegiality demonstrated by Governor Murphy, The South Jersey Transportation Authority, Mayor Small and the Greater Atlantic City Chamber of Commerce.

It proves that all things are possible when people of good faith are willing to genuinely work together.

The $ 300,000 investment by the South Jersey Transportation Authority will result in tens of millions of dollars in economic benefit for the Atlantic City region.

I will add comments from Chait and others in the near future.


SOURCE: Atlantic City, New Jersey Casino sources.

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