The state of New Jersey has determined that lifeguards from Atlantic City in Atlantic County, along with Avalon and Stone Harbor in Cape May County are owed more than $ 400,000 in overtime back pay.

This finding came as the result of a New Jersey Department of Labor Workforce (NJDOL) investigation that was conducted following complaints that were filed by lifeguards.

The state concluded that a total of 347 lifeguards from these 3 communities were owed the substantial six figures due to unpaid overtime.

The state of New Jersey came out swinging in their final determination.

"New Jersey's lifeguards put their lives on the line for
the safety of summer shore visitors, so it's our
responsibility to ensure they receive all the wages
they are entitled to," said Labor Commissioner Robert
Asaro-Angelo. "We will continue to make sure workers
especially young workers who may not yet understand their work rights - are being paid properly,”

In Atlantic City, the state determined that 146 lifeguards were not properly paid overtime after working more than 48 hours in one week.

New Jersey state law requires that overtime must be paid for all hours worked in one week must get paid at the overtime rate.

Atlantic City employees are owed $ 197,150. Additional, the state concluded that 14 minor Atlantic City employees worked without proper documentation and Atlantic City failed to document their work hours.

In Avalon, the state has determined that lifeguards were paid the straight hourly rate no matter how many hours that they worked in one week.

The state says that Avalon lifeguards are owed $ 116,161 in overtime that was not properly paid.

Stone Harbor lifeguards were also not paid overtime for hours worked over 40 hours within in one week.

76 Stone Harbor lifeguards are owed $ 94,114 because they were underpaid.

Additionally, the state discovered that 5 minor employees worked without proper employment documentation. Additionally, time worked records for the minor employees was not properly documented.

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As a result of this state of New Jersey investigation, the NJDOL has confirmed that “nearly all affected workers have received the back pay to which they were entitled.”

The state of New Jersey is urging that “workers who feel they have been wrongly denied compensation or benefits, and employers who have questions about compliance with New Jersey laws may visit or call 609-292-2305.”

SOURCE: New Jersey Department of Labor Workforce (NJDOL).

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