The snow season this year has been nonexistent so far and yet there still seems to be potholes everywhere.

According to, if you spot a pothole on a state highway, call (800) POTHOLE or visit the NJDOT website to report it.

If you spot a pothole anywhere on the Garden State Parkway, click here or call (800) 213-9419.

If you spot a pothole on a municipal road, contact your town hall and they will connect you with the right people to get the issue fixed.

And of course, if you are unlucky and your car is damaged from pothole damage there are steps you can take.

If the damage occurs on state-owned highways, you will need to file a claim here and have a receipt with the total cost of the damages.

If the damage occurs on the Parkway, you can file a claim here or call (732) 750-5300.

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