Heads-up if you'll be driving on the 42 Freeway or Interstate 295 Thursday and Friday nights as you may be impacted by some road closures as a years-long construction project continues.

Thursday Night Closure

From 10 PM Thursday, February 22nd, through 5 AM Friday morning, the ramp from northbound Route 42 to northbound Interstate 295 (exit 1B) will be closed for lighting maintenance, according to the New Jersey Department of Transportation.

The posted detour will take you all the way up to Interstate 676 where you'll exit at Exit 1 for Collings Avenue, get back on southbound Interstate 676, which then turns back into 76/42, and then you can access northbound I-295.

Al-Jo Curve Closed Friday Night

The following night, the famed "Al-Jo Curve" will be closing for work.

Al-Jo Curve on Interstate 295 in NJ - Photo: Google Maps
Al-Jo Curve on Interstate 295 in NJ - Photo: Google Maps

From 10:00 Friday night through 6:00 Saturday morning, the Al-Jo Curve ramp from southbound I-295 to southbound Route 42 (and the continuation on I-295) will be closed.

Motorists headed southbound on I-295 will be directed onto the northbound 42 Freeway/westbound I-76 and you'll need to follow the same detour that is mentioned above.

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