I have obtained a copy of a letter written by New Jersey Senator Vince Polistina, R-2 to the Atlantic County Insurance Commission.

The letter is masterful in that it takes both a velvet touch approach and sledgehammer … all at the same time.

Polistina, along with Atlantic County Republican Party Chairman Don Purdy have been displeased with the lack of transparency being exhibited by the Atlantic County Insurance Commission.

This independent commission was formed in 2014. Polistina and Purdy only learned of its existence during late, 2023.

Many well connected people and even members of the Atlantic County Board of Commissioners also did not know of the existence of this commission prior to Polistina and Purdy revealing it publicly.

For example, Polistina and Purdy want to see an open, transparent and competitive bidding process for the selection of property - casualty insurance professionals.

This matter has created one of the most intense and hyper-negative intra-party Republican political feuds since Don Hurley challenged the legendary New Jersey Senator Bill Gormley in the Republican Primary Election of 1997.

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Polistina and Purdy have been embroiled in a public, brutally negative feud with Atlantic County Executive Dennis Levinson since mid-December, 2023.

Polistina and Purdy are right about the merits of this public dispute with Levinson … however, Levinson will not retreat and will not surrender and he has had very harsh things to say about Polistina and Purdy on local talk radio.

Levinson also wrote a blunt memorandum, whereby he was critical about Polistina and Purdy.

I interviewed Camden County political potentate George Norcross earlier this week. He was his usual elegant and articulate self.

Norcross is publicly supportive of Levinson and highly critical of Polistina. Polistina and Purdy have been responding in kind to Norcross during this current political battle.

Norcross is an insurance and banking expert, who is also the Chairman of Cooper University Health Care.

Cooper Health Care is nearing completion of a game-changing transaction with Cape Regional Medical Center that will bring the highly respected Cooper brand, MD Anderson Cancer Center and more to the Cape May and Atlantic County region.

Polistina will be appearing live with me, on-air on Friday, January 5, 2024 for the 8:00 a.m. hour.

Here is a copy of Polistina’s letter to the Atlantic County Insurance Commission:


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