Not even in office yet, the winner of the biggest political upset in modern New Jersey history is facing his first controversy.

Xenophobic and anti-Muslim social media posts have been linked to Edward Durr, who has been declared the winner in the 3rd legislative district, ousting Senate President Steve Sweeney.

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In tweets and Facebook posts, Durr called Islam a "cult of hate," branded the prophet Mohammed a "pedophile," and downplayed the January 6 Capitol incursion.


Some of the comments date back to 2017.

As recently as September, Durr compared pandemic responses to the branding and extermination of Jews during the Holocaust.

When Trump supporters stormed the Capitol building last January, Durr said it was "not an insurrection," but rather "an unauthorized entry by undocumented federal employers."

Within hours of the Associated Press declaring the truck driver from South Jersey the victor, people started circulating his social media posts. They did not come out during the campaign, presumably because no one expected Durr to win. Including Durr.

Durr told New Jersey 101.5 midday hosts Dennis and Judi he would be lying if he didn't start to feel a little shocked, watching from home with his family as returns started to come in Tuesday night.

He also said, "I've got a big mouth and I don't shut up, so let me be that guy who screams and hollers in Trenton."

In a statement last night to the New Jersey Globe, Durr acknowledged that big mouth may have gotten himself in trouble, and apologized for his offensive social media posts. "I'm a passionate guy and I sometimes say things in the heat of the moment,” Durr told, "If I said things in the past that hurt anybody's feelings, I sincerely apologize.”

The Council on American-Islamic Relations demanded that Durr to repudiate the posts calling Islam a “false religion” or resign.

Islamophobes and other bigots should not be in policy-making positions impacting the lives of Americans of all faiths and backgrounds. Mr. Durr should either renounce his hate-filled statements or resign from office. - Council on American-Islamic Relations

Durr's apology statement did not address specific posts, nor repudiate his anti-Muslim tweets. New Jersey 101.5 has reached out to him for comment, but Durr has not responded.

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