WASHINGTON D.C. —  Gov. Chris Christie's lunch at the White House on Tuesday did not yield any job offers.

President Donald Trump invited Christie and his wife Mary Pat to join him for lunch. The invitation came prior to the rumors about possible changes in White House staff, just a few weeks into Trump's administration.

President Donald Trump and New Jersey governor Chris Christie (Drew Angerer, Getty Images)

A senior White House aide told CNN that "there was zero, I repeat zero, conversation about that. The only thing he may do is head up a commission to investigate the opioid crisis."

During Monday night's Ask The Governor program on WPG, Christie said there were certain positions he was willing to accept and step down as governor for.

"If I got offered one of those things I'd consider it, but I don't expect that's going to happen. I think the time has run out," Christie said.

The governor has appeared on several national television shows in recent weeks and has criticized some of the advice Trump has gotten in regards to the implementation of a temporary ban on travel from seven Muslim majority countries.

"It's frustrating to watch my friend ill-served especially when these are unforced errors that didn't need to happen and were avoidable," Christie said. "I expect he's a very good executive that he'll get his arms around it and he'll make the decisions he needs to make to make sure that unforced errors don't occur in the future."

Christie will return to Washington on Thursday to address the New Jersey Chamber of Commerce's Walk to Washington dinner.


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