Mario Suarez Facebook Post
Mario Suarez Facebook Post

The Northfield City Council meeting will also feature two distinctly different support groups, who are preparing to attend.

“Back The Blue” and “Black Lives Matter” are both planning to be at tomorrow’s public meeting.

Northfield City Councilwoman Susan Korngut supports defunding the Northfield Police Department.

This is a dangerous and misguided concept. Everyone who has ever proposed this, never shares what would take the “place” of sworn police officers.

It’s an unworkable movement. Everywhere police budgets have been threatened, a sharp increase in violent crime has followed.

A big crowd is expected to attend tonight’s (Tuesday, July 14, 2020) regular meeting of the Northfield City Council.

A majority of the Northfield City Council and Mayor Erland Chau do not support defunding the police department.

The Northfield Police Department has long been highly regarded for their overall competence and professionalism

Atlantic County Sheriff candidate Joe O’Donoughue, retired Atlantic City Police Officer Mario Suarez, and one member of the Northfield City Council have briefed me on what may take place at tomorrow night’s open public meeting.

A copy of a social media Facebook post is included above with this report. It invites people to “attend a counter protest” at 6:00 p.m. at Northfield City Hall.

The Blue Lives Matter support event is titled “Back The Blue,” begins at 5:45 p.m. at Northfield City Hall, hosted by Deirdre Kreuz. A public Facebook post confirms Kreuz as the host. A copy of this Facebook post is included above.

And, it’s getting even more crowded. I have confirmed that both The Freedom Riders and Legion Riders will also be on hand tomorrow night.

Since the murder of George Floyd, proposals all over the country have been floated to either disband, dismantle or defund police departments all over America.


Updates as warranted.

Sources: As detailed in this report.

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