TRENTON — A nursing home employee claims she was harassed and bullied by coworkers at a South Jersey nursing home who served her sexually suggestive food.

According to the suit obtained by, employees at the Shady Lane Nursing Home in Clarksboro taunted Geraldine A. Miller because she wouldn't go with coworkers to bars and strip clubs, and wouldn't participate in a "hoe-down" activity with residents. Miller claimed harassment because of her gender and mild anxiety she suffered after the death of her mother.

Miller said in the suit against the facility, which is owned and operated by the Gloucester County Improvement Authority, that after going to management, she was deemed "paranoid," put on paid administrative leave in February, and made to take a fit-for-duty exam.

In her suit, Miller outlined several incidents at the home, including an allegation that she was served a hot dog by a supervisor, arranged in a suggestive way with two mounds of food, while coworkers laughed. In another instance, Miller said a coworker arranged dishwasher parts in a phallic fashion.

Miller also claimed in the suit that she was told some of her coworkers were members of a gang.

According to the suit, Human Resources praised her work but told her to "relax, fit in, and have fun" in response to her reporting the incidents.

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