The Ocean County COVID-19 Testing Facility has done a tremendous job throughout our global health pandemic.

Lieutenant Colonel, Dr. Mukesh Roy and the rest of their unselfish team have done such a great public service. They have been a leader throughout.

I was in communication with Dr. Roy earlier today.

Dr. Roy shared the following with us:

“Harry, wanted to give you a quick update on our testing site. Our tent got damaged during the storm, but our healthcare warriors showed up early to continue Covid testing for our Ocean County Residents. We have done over 7,500 tests,” said Dr. Roy.

We are including before and after photos of their testing facility following the Hurricane/Tropical Storm Isaias. Their team of Dedicated volunteers restored the facility in no time at all, so that they could begin testing once again without delay.

They’re genuine Heroes.

Lt. Col. Dr. Mukesh Roy Photo
Lt. Col. Dr. Mukesh Roy Photo
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