I want to take this opportunity to salute the heroes who have been doing God’s work developing, implementing, and staffing the Ocean County Coronavirus testing site.

I caught up today with Lieutenant Colonel, Dr. Mukesh Roy. What a true success story they have been.

“Harry, wanted to share with you the courage and dedication of our Nurses and Heathcare Workers working through Rain, Wind and Cold weather moving forward and conducting testing for our First Responders and the people of Ocean County,” said Dr. Roy.

Dr. Roy has kept in close contact with us from the very beginning of the pandemic. From the development to implementation of their testing site.

This particular amazing group of individuals and Ocean County at large has been a role model when it came to early recognition about how important it was to have a testing site.

Other neighboring areas were slow to the draw.

Dr. Roy has provided us with exclusive photos, which really tells the story about their dedication and commitment to public service.

They are unselfish and everything that is right.

Thank you for doing such an amazing job throughout. You are making a real difference.

Here are more amazing photos.

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Ocean County COVID-19 Testing Site

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