If you enjoy testing your luck by playing the New Jersey Lottery, then this is a must-read because yet another scam is on the horizon.

Beware of calls from people, "promising lottery winnings, asking for money or offering to share a portion of their large winnings."

Basically, they will ask for your personal financial information so they can send you your "winnings," or so you can pay a "processing cost."

Well the NJ Lottery is looking to clear everything up and put these scammers on blast.

"It is important that a prizewinner should never provide any personal or financial information over the phone or social media," said a recent press released by NJ Lottery. "The New Jersey Lottery never requires winners to pay a fee to obtain the prize."

Also keep in mind that the NJ Lottery will only redeem winnings in person so the alleged winning ticket can be validated.

If you have any doubt of your winnings (or losings) or have questions after receiving a mysterious phone call, call the New Jersey Lottery Security Office at (609) 599-6100.

Take a look at the original article at APP.com.

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