Someone in the Lindenwold area of Camden County just became close to a quarter of a billionaire thanks to the purchase of a winning Powerball lottery ticket.

The lone Powerball ticket from Monday night's drawing that matched all five numbers drawn plus the all-important Powerball. It was reportedly the only ticket sold nationwide with all the correct numbers selected.

And it's worth $221 million, New Jersey Lottery reports.

Preet Food Mart Lindenwold NJ
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New Jersey Lottery is reportedly waiting for the winning ticketholder to come forward to claim their prize.

Preet will receive a $30,000 bonus from the New Jersey Lottery just for selling the winning ticket.

The numbers from the Monday, June 10, 2024 Powerball drawing were: 03, 10, 38, 58, and 59. The Powerball was 09 with a 2x Powerplay.

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