The answer is yes. Thanks to Assembly leader Jon Bramnick who recently rallied his minority caucus in the Assembly to oppose the ridiculous spending budget concocted by the political elites and insiders led by Senate President Steve Sweeney.

Good on you, Jon. And good on the six GOP Senators in the upper chamber who did the same. Shame on the seven GOP Senators who took a knee on the issue and sides with Sweeney at the expense of the taxpayers.

Try as they might, you can't serve as the legit opposition to the corrupt majority who've been lining the pockets of special interest for decades and then claim to represent the taxpayers. But, there is a chance for redemption!

I fully expect the Governor to veto this disastrous budget from Sweeney and his cohorts. The Senate won't be able to over-ride the veto if the GOP sticks together. AND that would be an actual victory for taxpayers.

Force the corrupt elites to try again, and this time cut taxes and spending and actually move New Jersey back on the path of affordability. It's up to the 13 members of the GOP serving in the Senate. Will they side with their own personal agenda or will they #SpeakForNewJersey? Time will tell, but it's running out fast...

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