In the year since Chris Christie left office, he has lost nothing in the charm department in front of a TV camera. He appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Tuesday night and he killed it.

Check out part of the interview and see if you agree.

They covered everything from his loyalty to Trump (Colbert doesn't think Trump deserves it) to his own unpopularity (Colbert was bringing up his low approval rating at the time he left office) to the November snowstorm. By the way, for a guy from Montclair I was surprised Stephen Colbert seems to barely remember how badly mishandled it was. Christie even called in to our show that late afternoon to add his voice to the many complaints of Murphy's mismanagement. He explained to Colbert how a 35 minute ride turned into a nearly 6 hour nightmare because the roads weren't cleared. Colbert seemed dismissive.

No matter what Colbert threw at Christie he handled it with class and frankness and never got rattled or defensive. He's always been great on late night TV. He's crushed it on SNL. When he did the Dad Dancing with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show he showed he understands the hosts have their own job to do by playing along with the Bridge Is Closed dance. Trust me, it didn't take him by surprise. He knew that was coming.

My favorite part of Tuesday night's interview promoting his new book Let Me Finish was when Colbert asked him if he'd be a better president than Trump. He answered immediately, emphatically and confidently, "Yes!" I didn't agree with everything Christie did. I think he was wrong to not embrace recreational marijuana and to offer in-state tuition to illegal immigrants among many other things. I think he was right to push for a major change in school funding and pension reform. Bridgegate and the ridiculous Mastro report, don't even get me started. But seeing him again Tuesday night was a blast.

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