In a video interview on, former NJ Gov. Chris Christie did not disappoint. He’s always been a great interview on the late night circuit or Sunday morning news programs, not to mention strong performances on SNL. But when he lets it be known that yes, he would definitely consider running for president again in 2024, that’s a moment.

When asked if he had any level of interest in running for president again Christie was candid.

First he gave his age, 57, no doubt to point out that he could be elected in 2024 and even serving two terms leave the White House as a man just turning 70, far younger than our choices this year. Next he gave his resume, reminded people he was a two term governor but also a U.S. Attorney for 7 years before that.

Then he tackled the elephant in the room. He admitted the Bridgegate drama didn’t help him in 2016 when he failed to secure the nomination. And added, “the Bridgegate matter which now has been dismissed by the United States Supreme Court in a 9-0 vote that there was no crime committed there. And yet the media and others convicted people before they even had a trial, and it materially affected my ability to run for president. Now that we've had that cleared away and it's no longer a controversy, you know, from my perspective, maybe 2024 is time to try to go after that job again.”

So could he win? I’ll tell you he would have my vote. I did not love everything about Christie but I certainly didn’t hate everything. He had an ability as a moderate Republican governor of a blue state to get things done working with the opposition party. The relationship he had with Senate President Steve Sweeney is a testament to this. Current Gov. Phil Murphy doesn’t get along nearly as well with Sweeney and they’re in the same party. Christie always wore a purple tie at his State of the State addresses to signify red and blue coming together. He believes that’s possible. And with the sad division in this country the Trump years have brought we could use someone who still believes that’s possible.

One of the best examples of leadership and humanity I saw from Christie was a brief exchange he had with a family who lost their home and lost everything to Superstorm Sandy. It was not a staged event. Cameras just happened to be there when he came across the family with their little girl who was frightened and felt lost that everything they had was gone. Chris got down with her on her eye level to ask her if she was scared. Then he told her she didn’t have to be, because what was lost was just wood, just things, that the house wasn’t her home. He told her look at your mom and dad here, they are your home. They’re what takes care of you. And they’re here. Your home is right here.

In a world of rotten politics it was a sincere moment from Christie who wasn’t being a governor right then but a dad and a human being. The very type of person I want to vote for for president.

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