We now know that even a world-wide health pandemic, which is killing people cannot inoculate the American people from the ugly partisan politics that has gripped our country since the 2000 Presidential election.

Just in, by a vote of 49-46, the United States Senate cloture vote has failed, yet again. It requires a 2/3 affirmative vote to pass to go on to the next step.

They also failed this past weekend to properly do their job.

Disgracefully, Democrats have been voting unanimously for days to defeat this crucial rescue money.

A cloture vote is not a final vote by any means. It would merely allow the measure to begin up to 30 hours of open debate.

Yes, that’s right. The Democrats won’t even allow this measure to come to the Senate floor for further discussion. They’re locking it up and holding it and the American people hostage.

They’re messing with people’s lives. Somebody needs to tell these obstructionist idiots that more than 41,000 Americans have been infected and 499 Americans have died at the hands of this beast virus.

I can’t believe that there is not more outrage about this.

Part of it is that the pro-Democrat media is purposely not highlighting this properly. Imagine if Republicans we’re blocking life-saving funding.

Five United States Senators, all Republicans are in self-imposed quarantine. Rand Paul has actually contracted the Coronavirus and is in the hospital.

The American people desperately need this stimulus package. Millions are out of work. Some have lost their current jobs forever. Businesses are in the process of being destroyed.

Our financial markets are plummeting and on pace for its worst month since The Great Depression.

And, these entitled ruling elites do not possess the proper sense of urgency to pass what has grown to a more than $ 2 trillion dollar stimulus package.

Our Democratic Senators should be ashamed of themselves.

We are at war. There should be no politics and partisan gamesmanship whatsoever going on right now.

Senator John Kennedy said on the floor of the Senate (today) that “the American people know that our Country was founded by geniuses and is now being run by idiots,” said Kennedy.

At this point, Democrat objections are not even about getting money to the American people, who are in dire need, or, getting people back to work. They’re trying to add things that have nothing to do with fighting the war on the Coronavirus.

It’s time for the American people to open up their windows and yell, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore.”

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