New Jersey's election is now behind us, and Governor Murphy will remain governor for another four years. Although there were shockers with how the election played out, one thing has remained constant: A disappointing turnout at the polls.

It seems every year New Jersey's turnout is more disappointing when compared to the previous election, and that's not good (Click here for a full breakdown of how many New Jersians voted in 2021).

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Only about 37% of New Jersians cast a ballot. Think about that. Only 37% of you actually care to make your voice heard to make this state a better place to live.

It's shameful, there's no other way to put it. But what could be the reason?


Could the reason be because of how bad things are now that most of you simply don't bother to vote?

Gov. Phil Murphy signed into law S1322 prohibiting law enforcement agencies from considering the number of arrests and citations issued by a law enforcement officer in evaluating the officer’s professional performance in Trenton on Thursday, Oct. 7, 2021. (Edwin J. Torres/Governor’s Office)

Or could it be the mindset that it simply doesn't matter who's in office?


Or could it be the mindset that someone else will decide for you?


Look, I get it. Living in New Jersey is tough and expensive. So I completely understand the voter fatigue.

But think about this. If just 3% more of you would've voted, that might've been enough to change the outcome as to who won the governor's race, or who would be serving in your local district.

So what could the reason be? Here are a few more reasons why someone might choose to sit out the election, followed by some of the dumber things about our state that our elected officials could possibly do something about.

In every election, all votes count, so please don't think your voice doesn't matter.

No excuses: You have no right to complain if you didn't vote

5 common excuses as to why someone might not vote, and why those reasons are invalid.

Now that we've gone through the excuses, here are some dumb things about our state.

And keep in mind, our elected officials may be able to do something about some of these.

9 Dumb Things About New Jersey

And a few more scary things for fun. However, please take note of the last one, which is a direct result of this election.

13 Scary things about New Jersey

Remember: In every election, all votes count, so please don't think your voice doesn't matter.