There has been a consistent media narrative. They have promoted New York Governor Andrew Cuomo as “America’s Governor.”

His daily press conference has been televised nationally. Why? He’s been wrong about so much.

By comparison, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has been the recipient of so much media abuse throughout the Coronavirus pandemic. Why? He’s done so much right.

It’s clear to me that the national media is ignoring incontrovertible facts in order to raise the public profile of Cuomo.

By comparison, DeSantis has been widely criticized.

No doubt you remember all of the market saturation level coverage of people on the Florida beaches.

They’ve portrayed DeSantis like he’s a villain from the 1960’s Batman Television series.

Early on, you could say or write anything and no one would know the difference. Now, we’re more than 9-10 weeks into this pandemic. Now is the time to look at actual results.

It’s time for the truth to catch-up with blatant lies and false narratives that were spread to create perceived winners and losers.

Cuomo has been made to be a hero. DeSantis has been made to be the goat. And, I don’t mean “Greatest Of All Time.”

The intellectual dishonesty of the media has been disgraceful. Why hasn’t Cuomo been made to answer the following key questions:

1. Why didn’t Cuomo make better use of The Javits Center? At great expense, it was expertly turned into a hospital by the United States Army Corp of Engineers.

2. Why didn’t Cuomo make better use of the US Navy Comfort, War Ship turned hospital?

3. Why did Cuomo place COVID—19 infected seniors into senior living centers?

More than 5,000 seniors died when they became infected because of Cuomo’s ill advised decision.

The New York State health department has actually deleted the page on their website where this Cuomo order was originally published.

They can erase it from their website. But, they can’t erase the fact that this fatal order has caused the loss of so many lives.

By comparison, DeSantis issued an executive order, the exact opposite of Cuomo’s. DeSantis made sure not to overwhelm senior living centers with COVID-19 patients.

New York has had more than 25,000 deaths. Florida has had in the neighborhood of 2,500 deaths.

DeSantis has outperformed Cuomo by any objective standard of measure.

Universal Studios will open next week. Disney World will reopen in July. So much of Florida is open. So much of New York remains closed.

When you examine these undisputed facts, why does the media continue to celebrate Cuomo?

Why hasn’t the media corrected the record regarding DeSantis? They regularly accused him of gross mismanagement.

I think it’s crystal clear what’s going on here. DeSantis ran for Governor as a President Donald Trump loyalist.

The media simply refuses to acknowledge that DeSantis outperformed Cuomo in every imaginable way.

Because if they were to praise DeSantis, or, even just tell the truth, they have predetermined that it would look good for President Trump.

And, that is simply not allowed.

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