Once again the New York Jets have become a joke.

They are the football equivalent of bringing puppy dogs to businesses to make the employees feel better. Having problems with your pass rush Eagles? Not to worry, the Jets are coming to Philadelphia. And a team that had three sacks all year got 10 in their 31-6 win on Sunday. It was so bad that the Eagles defensive line was playing rock paper scissors to see who would sack Luke Falk next.

Ah...Luke Falk. that's the man quarterback whisperer and Jets coach Adam Gase brought in to replace Trevor Siemian who replaced franchise quarterback Sam Darnold who's been out with mono. The only thing Gase "whispered" to Falk Sunday was "duck," as the Eagles kept coming. Truthfully Falk was in over his head, Peter Falk would have had a better change against this Eagles team. 'Ah just one more thing.." BOOM!

If you're a Jets fan, you have to ask yourself when your team spends $100 million in free agency to add players like Le'veon Bell, C.J. Mosely, and so on why, when the backup quarterback goes down in only game 2, would they bring in a quarterback drafted in the sixth round by the Tennessee Titans and placed in injured reserve by the Dolphins last October. That's where Falk met Gase and now he's here. He shouldn't be.

Fans pay a lot of money to go to Jets games and buy Jets swag. It's not cheap to root for your team. The Jets spent a lot of money on this team and when the experienced backup quarterback goes down this early in the season, they owe it to both their fans and their players to bring in a guy who gives them the best chance to win, even if it is only for a short time.

When the Eagles lost backup quarterback Nate Sudfeld to a wrist injury they went out and got Josh McCown whom Jets fans will remember. McCown has already paid off for the Eagles filling in for Wentz.

So who's out there that the Jets could possibly bring in? I don't know, but I do know that a good general manager will find him. Joe Douglas is a good general manager who has watched Eagles GM Howie Roseman bring players to the Eagles that fans never would have thought of. DeMeco Ryans and Jay Ajayi come to mind.

Somewhere out there on a roster far away is a quarterback who could better hold the fort for the Jets while Sam Darnold heals and should he ever be forced to miss another game.

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