South Jersey political boss George Norcross was ejected from his luxury suite at Lincoln Financial Field on Sunday for displaying an American and Israeli flag.

Norcross was in attendance Sunday when the Eagles hosted the rival Dallas Cowboys.

A video posted by political commentator Julie Roginski to X (formerly Twitter) showed an unidentified security staff member coming into Norcross' suite and presumably telling him he could not fly the banner.

The banner was a hybrid U.S. and Israeli flag showing support for Israel in its ongoing war with Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

After a discussion, a security guard wearing a yellow vest enters the suite and escorts Norcross out.

As Norcross is escorted to the exit, the first security staff member yanks the banner off the wall beneath the suite, and leaves.

What is the banner policy at the Linc?

It is not clear why security ordered the banner removed.

The last time guidelines on banners and flags were updated on the Eagles website was in 2014.

They state: "Signs, banners or similar items that are obscene or indecent, not event-related, potentially offensive to other patrons, capable of blocking the views of other fans or otherwise deemed dangerous or inappropriate by the Eagles are prohibited."

The policy also states that stadium personnel have the right to confiscate such banners.

Where Norcross hung the banner in no way interfered with anyone's ability to see the game.

George Norcross was ejected from his luxury box for displaying an American/Israeli flag. Julie Roginski on X
George Norcross was ejected from his luxury box for displaying an American/Israeli flag.
Julie Roginski on X

It would be hard to understand how the banner could have been deemed "dangerous" under the policy.

There was nothing on the banner that could have been considered "obscene or indecent."

That would seem to indicate that someone on the Eagle's staff judged the banner "potentially offensive to other patrons" or "not event related."

Norcross family supports Israel

George Norcross' brother, Donald, is a congressman in New Jersey's 1st Congressional District.

Three days after Hamas launched a surprise attack on Southern Israel, he traveled with a congressional delegation to Israel.

After meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Rep. Norcross declared, "Israel is our closest and most important ally in the Middle East, and they need our support now more than ever."

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It is not known if the congressman was at the game with his brother. Neither of the two men has commented on the incident.

George Norcross is not nearly as active in New Jersey politics as he once was.

He mostly focuses on his jobs as chairman of a law firm and chairman of the board of trustees at Cooper University Health Care.

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