In typical grandstanding fashion, Senator Cory "Spartacus" Booker asked a judicial nominee some moronic questions in trying to trip her up and paint her as a "homophobe" on Tuesday.

Now of course she deserves this harsh, ridiculous treatment, in the minds of people like Booker, because she's up to replace that horrible Brett Kavanaugh on the DC circuit court. The best part comes in the video in this link in the last 30 seconds at around the 3:37 mark. The shamelessness and transparency are breathtaking.

Now you may ask, how could someone who graduated Stanford, a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford and received a law degree from Yale, be called stupid. Well if you've watched his histrionics and shameless grandstanding that only a 9 year-old could buy into, you understand. But maybe it's the hoards of idiots who actually believe his act that are the stupid ones. We'll leave that up to you to decide.

As you know, he is officially running for President. He's been unofficially aiming in that direction for most of his political career. He frequently uses identity politics to continue to sew division amongst all Americans since he's occupied a national stage for a few years now. While here in New Jersey, as mayor of Newark, his constituents got what he was all about pretty quickly.

And for all his boasting about "living" in a bad neighborhood, he grew up the son of IBM executives in a town called Harrington Park, NJ where the median income is $115,000 a year. The town is 84% white, 14% Asian, 2.57% Latino and .04% black. Since Cory is such a fan of identity politics, I figured he would enjoy sharing that with you.

We are almost two years from the next Presidential election and Cory is just getting started. So if you've already binge-watched all of your favorite sitcoms, dramas, docudramas and dramedies, you've got plenty of good entertainment coming your way. He will pull out all the stops to get the kind of attention a poor kid from Harrington Park deserves.

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