There is no other way to put it. Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman is a disgrace.

Seemingly emboldened by the reckless and lawless actions of the NJ AG and the radicals in the Democratic caucus in Washington, Coleman is co-sponsoring something called the "New Way Forward Act."

This bill (HR 5383) in effect will decriminalize illegal entry into our nation by tying the hands, yet again, of law enforcement and essentially make the criminals victims.

Coleman, for her part, hasn't had much in the way of original thoughts as a member of Congress, yet seems very comfortable siding with the so-called squad on radical anti-American legislation.

Decriminalizing "irregular" border crossings in the name of social justice is both immoral and dangerous to our communities and law enforcement. This is yet another way that the radical left, which now dominates the National Democratic Party, is working hard to dismantle American law and society.

Taking away criminal penalties for illegal border crossings and limiting the ability for ICE to detain and deport criminal aliens is a misguided and dangerous proposal.

It's the brave men and women of ICE who are charged with keeping our communities safe. Trying to tear them down in the name of protecting criminals is about as anti-American as it gets.

Shame on you, Bonnie.

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