A lot has changed in the last few months, including my attitude toward the local police.

I always thought the police in our town, where we raised our kids, were overly aggressive toward drivers and citizens in general. I’ve never called 911 and hope I never have to. With all of the turmoil and violence in some cities around the country, I’ve noticed that the police are less present and less aggressive. In the New Jersey suburbs that I travel through, they seem to be less “ever present" and always looking for someone to pull over.

I support the police and believe they perform a very necessary function in our society. They may have struck the proper balance with the way they seem to be patrolling in the suburbs. In the cities and in the more high crime areas, where they're definitely more needed, they should be able to do their jobs without having to constantly look over their shoulder or second-guess their every move. Maybe in the next few months we can strike the proper balance in both city and in the suburbs, and I think it would benefit everyone.

The other day I noticed a cop sitting in a parking lot in my former hometown. I pulled my car up next to him, but a fair enough distance away so I wouldn’t startle him. I rolled my window down and asked him to do the same. I asked him how he was holding up. He was a young guy and said he was doing well and was happy that the weather finally cooled down. I agree then just told him, “Thank you for doing what you do.” He said, “I appreciate that very much, sir.” I smiled and gave him a wave and pulled away.

Maybe through all of this we will come to a better place for all of us. I wish all police officers and their families peace and safety. And I hope they know that the majority of us, even though we may complain from time to time, appreciate their service.

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