A couple of weeks ago I face-timed my best friend, and she greeted me by showing off a huge package that had been left at her front door. When I asked her who she had received that from she replied by saying, "My Booze Fairy!"

Confused is an understatement to describe my reaction. I couldn't comprehend why a random stranger would leave three bottles of alcohol at another stranger's front door just because.

Turns out, this is actually a popular thing in the tri-state area. My friend told me she had joined a Facebook group where people gift strangers with booze as a way to uplift their spirits during these hard times.

According to WHYY, "The Booze Fairies" Facebook group was started by a woman named Allyson Churry from Mount Holly while in lockdown. The group is a spinoff of another group that would gift wine to strangers. There are actually tons of these groups all around the country.

“We’re in a quarantine, times are weird. People are struggling financially, people are struggling mentally,” said Churry. “People like me are homeschooling, basically teaching our kids to read and it’s tough. So being able to pick a random person and deliver a shot of vodka — it’s the thought that counts.”

According to WHYY, the Facebook group has grown to over 4,000 members from Mercer, Burlington, Cumberland, Atlantic, Salem, Camden, Ocean and Gloucester counties.

Here are the rules. You type in your address in your cities thread along with your favorite alcohol. Then when you least expect it, someone could randomly stop by your house and leave you a basket full of goodies. You must also be willing to "booze" others too.

Of course, everyone in the group must be 21 or older. Also, each member is sworn to secrecy because personal information shared in the group. There is also a group in New Jersey called the "Booze Brothers." There is also one in Pottstown, Pennsylvania called "Wine Fairies" where you not only can request wine but coffee and tea.

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