Alexandra Hunt is an unapologetic, ultra-liberal candidate running for Pennsylvania’s 3rd District (representing Philadelphia) seat in The United States House of Representatives.

This is currently a Democrat seat held by Dwight Evans, D-PA-3.

Hunt has promised to be open about her past in an OpEd Daily Kos article about her past as a stripper and her abortion at age 18.

If Hunt wins the seat, she could become the next Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in The People’s House.

It’s easy to see how the same national media would gravitate towards Hunt.

“As I prepared to enter the political world as a candidate, I made promises that I would not leave anyone behind and that I would be honest about my experiences, including my time working as a stripper during college," said Hunt.

Hunt is a graduate of the University of Richmond.

"I worked as a stripper during college to pay bills, but I feared the stigma of this work so much that I kept it a deeply buried secret,” said Hunt.

Hunt is not afraid now. She is going open, honest, and transparent about her youth.

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Hunt has introduced free-market capitalism regarding her past and is selling merchandise, which directly addresses her past.

Hunt has confirmed the following merchandise items are for sale, including: "I may have danced for money but I'm no corporate wh—e," and "Elect hoes," are some of the clothing options in the candidate’s campaign retail store.

Hunt was concerned that her past would derail any chance that she had to make a serious run for public office.

Instead of running away from it, Alexandra Hunt has embraced it.

Here is a partial listing of Hunt’s campaign platform includes:

  • End mass incarceration.
  • Create a wealth tax.
  • Pay equity.
  • Strengthening unions.
  • Ending gun violence.
  • Racial Justice.
  • Women’s rights.
  • Decriminalizing sex work.
  • Abolishing loitering laws.

If you want to learn more about Alexandra Hunt, here is a link to her campaign website.

SOURCES: Alexandra Hunt campaign website and Daily Kos.

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