On Wednesday, Phillies' radio broadcaster Jim Jackson announced on Twitter that he was fired by the team.

Jackson joined the Phils in 2007. In his Twitter post, he said that while "all good things must come to an end," the news about being let go was still a "shock to the system."

In the post, Jackson also said that the Phillies told him he was "a ‘luxury the organization can no longer afford in such uncertain times."

Jackson is just the latest broadcaster to leave the Philly airwaves in 2020.

In May, CBS3 laid off 4 members of its on-air staff, including sports reporter Lesley Van Arsdell. Van Arsdell had been with the TV station for 19+ years.

Then, in June reporter/anchor Denise Nakano was reportedly laid off by NBC10. Nakano was with the station for 17 years. (Nakano did end up joining a Philadelphia radio station.)

And in September, NBC10's Vai Sikahema officially retired after 26 years with the station. He announced his retirement back in July.  

These changes have not only been difficult for the broadcasters (especially those who are now unemployed) but also for the viewers and listeners who have lost these familiar faces and voices that have been indirectly part of their lives for so many years.

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