We are living in such troubling times.

In a new low, someone has stolen the Pleasantville, New Jersey Fire Station bell.

This bell was built in 1909 and it has been on display at The Pleasantville Fire Department since the 1900’s.

Here is what the bell looks like:

Pleasantville Fire Department photo.
Pleasantville Fire Department photo.

The Pleasantville Fire Department has made a passionate public appeal as follows:

Over the past week the bell which hung at our firehouse since it's creation in the 1900s has gone missing from behind our station. The bell as pictured below was made in 1909 by the Buckeye Bell Foundation. No questions asked we just want it to be returned as it is a part of our history and we have plans on making a memorial of it. Please contact us with any information.

You can reach the Pleasantville Fire Department at 1 North First Street, Pleasantville, New Jersey, 08232. Their phone number is (609) 484-3667

If you have any information about the theft of this precious heirloom, please reach out to the Pleasantville Fire Department ASAP.

SOURCE: Pleasantville, New Jersey Fire Department.

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