🔴 Jersey Shore pier evacuates Saturday night

🔴 Young man with gun arrested, authorities say

🔴 Latest incident down the shore this summer

NORTH WILDWOOD — A man is in custody after police evacuated a popular shore spot along the Wildwood boardwalk this weekend.

North Wildwood police evacuated Surfside Pier around 7:15 p.m., according to pier owner Morey's Piers. The pier is located at the end of East 26th Avenue near the municipal border with Wildwood.

Authorities only said that an "incident" had been posted on social media that required a police response and that people at the pier were evacuated. There was no threat to the public.

Morey's said the pier was reopened quickly.

Morey's Piers
Morey's Piers

"Our evacuation was precautionary and in cooperation with a request of the NWPD for a short period while they investigated a matter unrelated to the pier, boardwalk, any of our guests or employees," Morey's said.

Commissioner Steve Mikulski said a young man with a gun was arrested immediately and taken to the local police station, according to Wildwood spokeswoman Lisa Fagan.

It's unclear what happened exactly. North Wildwood police did not immediately return a request for comment Sunday morning.

 Latest incident down the shore this summer

The evacuation Saturday night is the latest in a series of concerning incidents at the Jersey shore.

Wildwood declared a state of emergency over Memorial Day weekend due to crowds of unruly teens. The boardwalk was closed for several hours.

The city recently implemented a ban on backpacks at the beach and on the boardwalk in an attempt to crack down on people bringing drugs, alcohol, or weapons to the beach.

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