A threat of shootings and bombings at every school in the United States is circulating on social media, and South Jersey area police and school officials are responding and alerting parents.

There are posts circulating on TikTok raising awareness about the threats and encouraging students to stay home on Dec. 17.

Parents are also being asked to speak with their children about this TikTok challenge. Specifically, students are asked not to repost any threatening posts and messages. Instead, they are to tell a trusted adult.

It is unclear when this newest challenge was created, but it comes after many other challenges have brought students face-to-face with criminal actions.

Back in September, a Tik Tok challenge called “Devious Licks” encouraged students to steal whatever they could from school bathrooms and post about it on the platform.

TikTok later removed videos connected to the “devious licks” trend, after saying the challenge was in violation of the platform’s community guidelines.

Several notices were posted by police and school systems on South Jersey social media Thursday acknowledging the situation, but saying there were no credible threats at the local schools. Police are also promising to increase their presence around schools on Friday.

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